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How Blogs Appear on First Google Page Number One

Who does not want our blog to appear number one on the first page of Google? Everyone would want that.

However, the fact to be on Google's first page number is not as easy as writing a sentence on paper, but it needs things to be done. In addition to blogging factors that need to write good and interesting, another fact because it is the number of competition blogs around the world to be at number one first page of Google with the topic of each blog.
Secret How Blogs Appear on Google's First Page Number One.

Here are some tips and steps we can do for a blog you can be number one first page of Google, which I sadur Forum Blogger Indonesia:

1. Do keyword research or keyword
2. Customize keywords with content you create
3. Maximize quality backlinks
4. Follow the latest Google Algortima updates and match your blog
5. Build cooperation with other bloggers
6. Create quality blog content (articles, videos etc)
7. Do not forget to do blog promotion through advertise on credible sites with visitors who have lots etc.
8. Stay istiqomah and pray in the routine of the blogging world

Similarly information about How Blogs Show on Google's First Page Number One. Hopefully useful and successful always for us together.

How to Create a Blog on Blogger.com for Free

Blogs are 'other versions' of the web, usually more personal but not limited by certain scope. This means that blogs can discuss anything, are flexible and become a non-formal place to share information. Blogs are not expensive, friends Trenogoers who want to create a free blog, can you do it, want to know how? Try following the beginner's guide.

In this week's starter edition the TRL will guide you who want to have a free blog from Blogger.com. Without further ado, let's go straight to the first step.

Open the Blogger.com webpage, you will find a page with a look like the picture below. If you already have a Google account, please log in directly by entering your email address and password in the box provided. If not, please click Create an Account first.
how to make a free blog

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Fill in the data and information requested and then click the Next Step button, confirm as requested, verification usually asks for your cellphone number, just follow the procedure to complete.
how to make a free blog

Then go back to blogger.com and log in with the account you just created.
When successfully log in to blogger.com find the New Blog menu and click. This step has entered the blogging stage.
how to make a free blog

Fill in the title with any title according to the concept of the blog you want to create, then enter the blog address that will become the destination of the visitors. Choose a name that is easy to remember and as attractive as possible. Then select the template available in the column, and close it by clicking Create Blog!
how to make a free blog

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Finished! Your blog has been successfully created, click the title of your blog to access the dashboard separately.
how to make a free blog

Now your new blog needs an article, it can be anything, maybe a word or two to welcome visitors who come to your first blog. How to click the new Entry button.
how to make a free blog

On this page you can fill in the blog with any content as long as the rules are specified. Ever created an e-mail message or Facebook, almost the same but on Blogger.com your content will be open and can be read by millions of people around the world, so make sure the content or article you write is useful for visitors.
Create an interesting article, you can also add pictures in the article to make it more alive. Try to look at a number of menus above the article box on the page, I'm sure you can easily understand what the use of each button is. Practices makes perfect! So, please track it down by spending some time on your dashboard to get it faster.
how to make a free blog

When finished, click the Publish button and you will be sent to the content list page like this. To see your writing, click View blog.
how to make a free blog

Here is the result of the blog that we just created, it's easy isn't it?

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